Bbq Review: Russell's Barbecue Near Chicago

Store your cooking spices in a cool dry place. This will ensure the longevity and potency of the flavors in your herbs and spices. A dark cabinet away from the stove is the ideal storage place. Spices kept in bright, hot environments usually fail to maintain their flavor long before any expiration date comes.

Publix - BOGO on gallon deli tea, Curly's crock pot pulled pork, Ball Park beef franks, Deli potato salad, Bush's baked beans, Lawry's 30 minute marinade and Lay's potato chips. 6 pack of decorated cupcakes are $3.99.

Next, think of meals that don't require meat at all such as quiche, pizza, cheese enchiladas and commit to going meatless at least twice per week. Instead of beef stew, serve a creamy broccoli and potato soup. Pita pockets stuffed with falafel patties and mint yogurt are delicious and hearty, especially when served with a Greek salad and rice pilaf. In fact, there's nothing wrong with serving soup and a large salad for dinner every now and then. Load the salad up with hard boiled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, avocado slices, and other hearty ingredients and serve with warm crusty French bread and a delicious vegetable soup and enjoy a lighter, vegetable-packed meal (slow cooker pulled pork and coke cost savings).

Heat your gas grill to a low heat; you are looking for an ambient temperature of 250 degrees F in the cook box. Place the slow cooker pulled pork shoulder directly on the cooking grates in an area with indirect heat.

You want to absolutely reach an internal temperature of 180 degrees F. before you pull this out of the barbecue. Oh, yes, it is done at 165, but it will still be tough; you do not want that. And remember that you are going to place this in a pan or on a board and cover it and let it rest for at least thirty minutes before you start pulling it apart with two forks.

Boil the macaroni shells in water for about 5 minutes, or until they start to become tender. Drain the pasta when it is done boiling. In a medium sauce pan, stir the butter and shredded cheese until all the cheese is melted. Now it is time to put all of your ingredients into the slow cooker. Stir all of the ingredients well. Turn the slow cooker onto the low setting and cook for 2.5 to 3 hours, stirring occasionally.

Don't be fooled into thinking the weather will be warm in Flagstaff. The city is at an elevation of roughly 7000 feet which means winter temperatures can be much colder than you would expect from the desert Southwest. Many a traveler has been caught without warm winter clothing visiting Flagstaff hotels in the winter. Make sure you're not one of them! Bring a coat, gloves, boots and a scarf to ensure you can withstand the cold weather.

When the meat reaches temperature, pull it off the smoker. Let it sit for about 45 minutes before pulling. Serve with your favorite bbq sauce and sides.